What used to take hours in after Effets can now be done live in AR! Type anything in 3D and add it to your world! Use emojis, a weather widget, add some snow falling, or even some bokeh effects to your shots! Photo or video, portrait or landscape. Perfect for Stories and social media posts with! Ideal for 3D birthday cards and product promo videos!

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  • #wordup AR Camera - Add AR magic in your videos πŸŽ₯.
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  • Virtual Reality - strap on an oculus or htc vive, and transport to a virtual world. virtual reality (vr) is one of the most transformational technologies to change the way we game, travel, and β€œcall” home.
  • Design Tools - design is more than just pretty pixels (no offense, pretty pixels). it's about user experience (ux), graphic design, and so much more, often aided by tools like photoshop, sketch, illustrator, and other useful tools. ?
  • User Experience - is your product easy for people to understand and use? if you're unsure, here are some tools to find out.
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