Edit your contacts with ease: WhatsApp's new feature for android users

WhatsApp for Android is testing a new feature that will allow users to edit contacts within the app. This functionality has been available on WhatsApp for iPhone for some time, and now it seems like it will be available on Android soon. The feature is currently being tested on the WhatsApp beta for Android, with some users already able to access the new contact UI. Users can store contacts on their phone's storage or their paired Google account, and make edits to existing contacts, such as adding birthdays or email addresses directly on WhatsApp. The feature is expected to roll out to more users and versions soon, and will be available to non-beta users in the near future.

The new feature is part of WhatsApp's ongoing effort to improve its user experience and make the app more user-friendly. It is a welcome addition to the app and should make managing contacts much easier. It is not yet known when the feature will be released for all users, but it is expected to be released soon. In the meantime, Android users can try out the feature by downloading the beta version of WhatsApp.