🤔 Don't know where to start your mail campaign? Let this collection of 30 reply-increasing templates be your "Jack-of-all-trades". With it: - 💯 We reached 100k's of pot. users. - 🤖 We trained our email writing AI. - 🤗 We know they have worked for others.

About "Jack-of-Cold-Mails" eBook by TextCortex

  • "Jack-of-Cold-Mails" eBook by TextCortex - 30 Proven Cold Email Outreach Templates To Increase Replies.
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  • Email - love it or hate it, electronic mail is a huge part of your life but fortunately there are so many apps and extensions to make it more managable. psa: please don't "reply all" to everything. ?
  • Marketing - having a killer product is essential, but it's not that useful if no one knows about it. these products will help you spread the word about your new startup or project.
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