Igniterr makes it easy to create an embedded product training academy that turns your users into certified experts. With Intercom integration, you’ll have full visibility of the courses and modules each user has completed, and insight into who needs guidance.

About Igniterr LMS

  • Igniterr LMS - Create your own in-app training academy in 15 minutes.
  • Igniterr LMS was listed under Productivity , User Experience , Developer Tools .
  • Productivity - if time is most precious, this collection of lifehacks is so so precious. be more productive and optimize your life.
  • User Experience - is your product easy for people to understand and use? if you're unsure, here are some tools to find out.
  • Developer Tools - writing code is hard. so we make software to help us write software. whether it's a new text editor or little command line app. dev tools are here to make your life as a developer even easier.
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