Flatfile is the platform for onboarding customer data into your product.

About Flatfile

  • Flatfile - The 1-click data onboarding platform for SaaS.
  • Flatfile was listed under User Experience , Saas , Software Engineering .
  • User Experience - is your product easy for people to understand and use? if you're unsure, here are some tools to find out.
  • Saas - software as a service. it's software that lives in the cloud without all the annoying parts like installation or maintenance. why do any of that when someone else will take care of it for you?
  • Software Engineering - software is eating the world. even your toaster has software these days. when a group of people come together and build software. we call that software engineering.
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  • Flatfile was first published on 2022-07-11 15:53:01