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Unlogged: Open-source tool for Java devs to instantly mock DB/APIs, auto-generate unit tests from API traffic, monitor method performance, and save/replay method inputs & outputs. Integrates with CI for code coverage. Install to boost your Java DevOps!

Top alternatives to Unlogged

Conektto API Test Harness
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Conektto, the intelligent API Development platform announces launch of Autonomous API Test Harness that generates all API test artifacts: test controller, test data, mocks and performance tests from a single design interface with just few clicks.

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Save a lot of time creating mocked JSONS to test your apps You can create your classes or interfaces in any code language based on a JSON Or you can just ask for certaing mock data in a JSON The data its interpreted and giving accurated results using AI!

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Top Unlogged Alternatives and Competitors

  • Conektto API Test Harness - Autonomous API Testing Platform
  • MockThis - Generate mock data using AI
  • Top Unlogged alternatives are Conektto API Test Harness , MockThis , .
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