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Check out the open beta for my other product. When browsing through StackOverflow, as someone with Dyslexia, I sometimes find it challenging to retrieve the right information, so I made a plugin to remove all unnecessary elements that were getting in the way.

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A friend showed this to me. New search engine for developers to answer technical questions that other search engines cannot and can generate code snippets on the fly. We don't use GPT-3 or any other machine learning APIs in our pipeline

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StackOverflow queried from your command line

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Top StackOverflow Focus Alternatives and Competitors

  • Hello - The best search engine for software developers
  • StackIt - StackOverflow queried from your command line
  • Top StackOverflow Focus alternatives are Hello , StackIt , .
  • StackOverflow Focus was listed under Tech , Productivity , Developer Tools .
  • Tech - hardware or software. invention or innovation. if someone’s pushing technology forward, you’ll find it here.
  • Productivity - if time is most precious, this collection of lifehacks is so so precious. be more productive and optimize your life.
  • Developer Tools - writing code is hard. so we make software to help us write software. whether it's a new text editor or little command line app. dev tools are here to make your life as a developer even easier.
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