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The Sprout Picky Profile helps parents of picky eaters understand why their child is picky. Walk through the 7 underlying causes of picky eating, build a profile for how much each of them affect their child & learn some quick steps to start managing it.

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SnapSmile is an app that uses your eating habits + images of your teeth to provide you with the insights, and recommendations you need to improve your oral health at home. Think of SnapSmile like your own Dental Coach.

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FitCurry : Healthy Eating Habit
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We help you in your journey of healthful eating by making it an easy everyday habit and not a special effort. Our aim is not food elimination or fasting but consciously creating healthy balanced meals whether served at the table or self-prepared.

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Top Sprout Picky Profile Alternatives and Competitors

  • SnapSmile - We use machine learning to help improve your dental health
  • FitCurry : Healthy Eating Habit - Weight loss with 12 week healthy eating habit program
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