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Spreadsheet Converter alternatives and competitors

Create a powerful calculator for your business using only Spreadsheet skills. Embed it on your website. Generate instant quotes. Offer 1000s of variants of your product. Create recipe calculators for quality control.

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Sizey: Aspect Ratio Calculator
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Sizey is a MacOS app that helps you calculate aspect ratios! ⠀ — ⠀ ⚡️ Add Custom Aspect Ratios ⠀ 💥 Round to the nearest whole # ⠀ ➡️ Keyboard Shortcuts ⠀ 📐 Scale & Densities (@1x, @2x, @3x) ⠀ 🙌 Landscape & Portrait modes — ⠀ You design. We’ll math. ❤️📐

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Top Spreadsheet Converter Alternatives and Competitors

  • Sizey: Aspect Ratio Calculator - Instantly calculate any aspect ratio.
  • Top Spreadsheet Converter alternatives are Sizey: Aspect Ratio Calculator , .
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