SoundXLR alternatives and competitors

SoundXLR - Where Sound Finds Expression Discover SoundXLR, the ultimate website to create and share soundboards effortlessly. Say goodbye to boring soundboards and bug your friends as much as you like on calls.

Top alternatives to SoundXLR

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Brainsounds is a free and beautiful soundboard when you need to be productive or when you need to get into a mindful mood. We have handpicked a curated list of sounds that should satisfy all your potential needs, all nicely packaged in a minimalistic ad-free UI.

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Pingu Soundboard
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The perfect soundboard for Pingu lovers. Noot-noot your friends and family! Enjoy 40+ Pingu sound effects, including exclusive sounds from Pingu, Pinga, Mama, Papa and Robby the seal!

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Top SoundXLR Alternatives and Competitors

  • Brainsounds - Soundboard for focus, meditation and relaxation
  • Pingu Soundboard - Bringing your classic Pingu back into your life
  • Top SoundXLR alternatives are Brainsounds , Pingu Soundboard , .
  • SoundXLR was listed under Github .
  • Github - distributed version control as a service. but it's so much more than that. github is where developers build, collaborate and share software.
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