Reffresh alternatives and competitors

Create API responses to fit your exact needs. Whether it's building for the known path, testing edge cases or simulating error states, Reffresh has you covered.

Top alternatives to Reffresh

AI-Powered Mock API Generator
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Use GPT to generate a mock REST API backed by a realistic dataset – with just one phrase. Craft the dataset to your needs, plug in the generated API into your demos and prototypes to ship better and faster.

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JSON url – mock backend API
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Ever wanted to mock a backend request with a real request instead of hard-coded JSON? Try jsonurl. It allows you to get a JSON straight from a URL. For example from this URL:{“name”: “Max”} you can get this json: {“name”: “Max”}

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Top Reffresh Alternatives and Competitors

  • AI-Powered Mock API Generator - Generate customized, realistic mock data & APIs, via GPT.
  • JSON url – mock backend API - Mock backend with JSON generated from URL
  • Top Reffresh alternatives are AI-Powered Mock API Generator , JSON url – mock backend API , .
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