Starting the 30-day maker challenge 🚀
I've decided to join the $100, 30-day challenge to becoming an indie hacker. The challenge is a great way to set constraints when validating a product and growing to profitability as quickly as possible. When building my first project, I spent $4,000 manufacturing a new physical product (failed). My second project, I spent 12 months working relentlessly to build a product that wasn't validated (failed). This time, I plan to be meticulous about the way I allocate resources. By choosing to stick to a simple concept, I've created a clothing label for passionate makers like myself, called Maker Threads. There's certainly nothing innovative about a clothing label, but I'm excited to already see promising results in comparison to my past projects. Current breakdown: Spend: $35 (Shopify monthly fee) Revenue: $44 If you're a maker who's ready to get serious about monetizing your product, I'd recommend joining the challenge to see what you can achieve 🙌 If you've previously taken the 30-day maker challenge, I'd love for you to comment below and share your learnings throughout the process.