How I indexed a brand new site and got it to 3.2k visits in 5 days “Advanced SEO tactic”
1) I’m doing SEO for around 8 years now and always experiment on new ways to do stuff This also means I’m started a few sites already (most failed) A handful of them succeeded, with my ‘biggest’ win so far is selling a site for double my yearly salary at this point 2) But this story is for another thread 😄 I prefaced this as an advanced tactic because you already need to have skin in the game to pull it off When I decided on the niche for my new project I knew that I could have success quite fast 6-12 months and I’m golden but … 3) I wanted faster results Aged domain? Could work but I couldn’t find a great fit So I tried something else If already got an authority site in a different niche This was my leverage 4) I produced a lot of content for the new niche and published it on my old ‘authority’ site Enough to build topical authority (or a topic cluster 🤷🏼‍♂️) I’ve waited a bit and the first rankings started to settle in 5) I let them ‘stew’ for a while and let them get cozy in the serps While I waited I produced more content for the new niche and designed the new site 6) After a few weeks (like 6 days ago) I copied them over to the new site and optimised them a bit further TOC, more images, better structure — stuff like that As soon as I was done I redirected all 23 articles to the new domain 7) I was very curious how well Google will react to this But it looks like Google’s okay with it 8) Some of them dropped and I last a few valuable rankings (temporarily 🥸) But most stayed at their position more or less There’s still a big ? If they stay or I get kicked out of the serps … 9) Currently it seems to work and is a nice ‘hack’ to skip the dreaded Google sandbox I’m happy with the result 🙌🏼 10) If you found this thread valuable I’d appreciate a RT and press the ‘follow’ button while you’re at it. Thanks for reading! ☀️ Check more here: