10 Free Websites So Useful to be pre bookmarked in every browser
1. Quillbot A free paraphrasing website (popular among students). • Input text and hit Rephrase • Get AI-inspiration on how to rewrite • Scan text for plagiarism (built-in feature) • Credit sources 🔗 http://quillbot.com 2. 12ft Ladder Want to read an article, but there’s a paywall? Simply insert the URL into 12ft Ladder. All sites have a non-paywall version they send to Google for SEO. 12ft finds the cached, un-paywalled version of the page. Now you’re in. 🔗 http://12ft.io 3. Untools Benefit from a collection of thinking tools and frameworks. Categories include: • Systems thinking • Decision making • Problem solving • Communication 🔗 http://untools.co 4. UnrollMe Is your inbox overflowing with email subscriptions? Use UnrollMe to bulk unsubscribe (it's free). Another cool feature? “Roll-up” subscriptions into a single email. You’ll be *many* steps closer to inbox zero. 🔗 http://unroll.me 5. Otter Otter is an AI-powered tool that transcribes speech to text (in real-time). In other words: streamlined meeting notes. Never forget an essential detail again— Store and index all your meeting notes in one place. 🔗 http://otter.ai 6. Darebee Access 1800+ free workouts in this database. It’s a non-profit (ad-free and product-placement free). Most of the workouts are body weight and require no equipment. Yep—Darebee removes your excuses for not exercising. Get started today. 🔗 http://darebee.com 7. Noun Project Want to spruce up your next presentation? Check out Noun Project. It’s a diverse collection of free + premium icons. But they’re not your typical stale business ones… You’ll find trendy icons from top creatives. 🔗 http://thenounproject.com 8. Open Library Search millions of books on Open Library, (available through digital lending). All it takes to get a ‘library card’? An email address. 🔗 http://openlibrary.org 9. Unsplash Need images for your next project? Look no further than Unsplash. Browse an extensive catalog of free images. With Getty Images running upwards of $499(!) each, Unsplash will save you thousands. 🔗 http://unsplash.com 10. PDF24 Tools A simple but mighty PDF editing site. • Edit PDFs without expensive Adobe • Access 28 editing tools (merge, split, etc.) • Save money, save time 🔗 http://tools.pdf24.org/en/ Thanks for checking this out. Check original tweet here: https://twitter.com/SystemSunday/status/1563502940962566146